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Best Tips to Choose the Best Maternity Leggings

Maternity leggings are a popular option for pregnant women shopping for maternity clothing, largely because they are both comfortable and stylish.

The main thing to consider when choosing maternity leggings, as when choosing any maternity clothing, is not to choose anything that would constrict the belly area, which would not only be uncomfortable for the wearer but also could be bad for the baby. Fortunately, just about all leggings are made of cotton and spandex or some type of stretch fabric so they fit well, don’t feel too tight and allow room for a growing pregnant belly.

How a woman goes about choosing the best maternity leggings is entirely up to her personal style preferences and wallet. Maternity leggings come in colors ranging from navy blue, black, white, gray, brown and denim. Some are slim-leg style and fit tighter on the legs while others are looser, though still fitted, in the legs. Some come down to the foot and others are capri length. They can be worn with pretty much anything, such as long maternity T-shirts or long maternity sweaters, under maternity dresses or skirts. They can be expensive or found on sale racks.

As when purchasing other maternity clothing, women should look for maternity leggings in the same size as their regular clothes size. What many pregnant women love about leggings is that they are stretchy anyway, so maternity ones can stretch along with their growing bodies.

It’s a good idea to try on all maternity outfits before purchasing them. It might come as a shock as to what used to look good and all of a sudden doesn’t anymore now that one is pregnant. If it’s not comfortable, don’t buy it. Pregnancy is uncomfortable enough in so many other ways without clothes adding to the unpleasantness. Stay away from itchy or synthetic materials that will only add to discomfort.

If a woman’s maternity leggings tend to roll down her stomach as she gets further into her pregnancy, she might have to purchase another size or style. This probably won't happen if the leggings have an elastic strap at the top. Another option is to buy regular-size leggings in a size or two larger than one’s normal size. The downside of this approach, however, is that these leggings might roll down the legs or buttocks, as they’re not specifically made for pregnant women.

Maternity leggings are found at maternity clothing stores or at the many retail stores that have maternity clothing departments.

Finding the Trendy Styles of Lace Slips

Featuring a decorative portion of lace, a lace slip is a woman's piece of underwear.

Lace slips come in numerous different styles and cuts and feature lace overlays in a variety of different positions within the garment itself. There are many different types of lace slips, including the full slip, the half slip, and the strapless lace slip.

Full lace slips are those slips that begin at the shoulder and most commonly fall down past the knee. The full lace slip simply means that it covers the full torso of the woman wearing it. The length of these types of slips varies greatly and can be dependent upon their purpose. The straps of lace slips can be thin, as a spaghetti strap, or they can feature a strap that is wider. The thinner the strap of the full lace slips, the more likely that it will be adjustable. These adjustable straps create greater comfort for the woman wearing it and also a more near perfect fit, as the slip may adjust to sit perfectly at the woman's bust line.

A half lace slip falls from the waste to any variety of lengths. There are full half lace slips that fall all the way to the ankle of the person wearing it. On the other extreme, there are those lace slips that are quite short and intended to be worn with a mini or short skirt.

Lace slips can be entirely made from lace. They can also have their bottom edge trimmed in lace and might even feature the same lace at some place on the bodice, as well. A popular place for lace to be placed on a slip is at the bust line, as it creates a sensuous appearance of the decolletage of the woman wearing it. Should she want to, a woman can wear her outer garment so the lace on the slip is seen and not hidden beneath what she is wearing.

A lace slip, while featuring a lace section, can be fashioned from many types of materials. Silk, nylon, and satin are the most popular choices of material for creating these garments, as they are most often intended to be easily and comfortably worn under outer garments. There are also those lace slips that are created and intended to be worn as dresses. 

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Useful Points to Understand about Fashion Underwear

Fashion underwear is any underwear that is designed to match an individual’s personal outerwear style.

The focus is on the look of the undergarment, to the extent that the underwear is trendy and can draw attention in the same way regular outerwear does. People sometimes see this type of underwear as the finishing touches to their wardrobes.

Normally, at its most basic, fashion underwear resembles regular underwear but comes in very bright or in unusual colors. More dramatic types of underwear use distinct patterns or prints. Some involve decorative buttons, chains, sequins, inexpensive faux gems or similar items. The most elaborate types are made from these items plus materials that aren’t used in everyday undergarments, such as silk or leather.

Fashion underwear usually is functional in the same way that regular undergarments are, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, some fashion underwear is so outrageously designed that it would not work well with outerwear. The idea with this type of underwear is just to have fun for a short time.

Men's fashion underwear typically is limited to boxers, briefs and thongs. Women have a wider range available. In addition to bras and panties, women's fashion underwear can include corsets, bustiers, nylons, tights and camisoles. For men, this type of underwear leans toward decorative prints on more everyday fabrics. Women's styles lean more toward the sensuous, with lace and sheer fabrics being more common.

Like outerwear, fashion underwear frequently is modeled on the runway. These fashion shows are marketed as flirty and steamy but generally are very tasteful, with hosts taking great care to protect the models’ integrity. Models who work in these shows have to be extremely confident, because underwear leaves no room for the model to hide physical imperfections or immaturity of movement.

Fashion underwear, like most articles of clothing, is available in both retail stores and online. Buying in a store can be advantageous in that the consumer has a chance to size the underwear and see if it works for him or her. A consumer also can get a professional fitting, just as he or she can for regular underwear. Buying online sometimes is the better option for getting variety, however, and can be more discreet if the underwear that one chooses sways toward the more provocative or exploratory side. No matter where one buys it, fashion underwear tends to be pricier than regular underwear, although some of the more simplistic options cost about the same as everyday undergarments.

Several Ideas to Help You Shopping the Best Denim Leggings

Also known as “jeggings,” denim leggings were first popularized in the 1980s by heavy metal and punk bands.

They made a huge fashion comeback in the new millennium, mostly thanks to celebrities such as Kate Moss and Sienna Miller sporting this slim style. A mainstream fashion trend, denim leggings are available at just about any retailer. The key to choosing the best denim leggings for you depends on a number of different factors, including your body type as well as what you plan to wear with the leggings and your individual style preferences.

If you have a curvy body frame, denim leggings in dark colors such as black or navy blue are the most flattering options for this fashion item, which is mainly constructed to fit bodies with a thin torso and legs. If you’re petite, you should choose Capri leggings or jean leggings that are specially tailored for petite body types; otherwise a large piece of extra fabric at the end of the pant leg will bunch around the ankles. If you have a thin body type and would like to create the illusion of curves, choose denim leggings that have pockets in the front and back, which add extra padding to the hips and backside.

If you plan on wearing chunky footwear with your jean leggings, such as wedge heel shoes or boots, you should choose leggings that feature a zipper at the ankle, as it can adjust the pant leg to fit over footwear. If you plan on wearing your leggings tucked into tall boots, a zipper is not only unnecessary but can also be uncomfortable when tucked into the boot and pressed against the leg. If you intend to wear shirts that are cropped or mid-length with your denim leggings, choose leggings with a moderate to high waist, in order to avoid parts of the stomach spilling out and creating a “muffin top” effect.

If comfort is a high priority in the clothing choices you make, consider looking into denim leggings that feature a high percentage of spandex in the blend of the fabric. Jeans that feature more spandex than cotton are typically more comfortable than those without spandex or less spandex in the blend. They don’t hold the body in as compactly, however, which is what generally gives jeans their slimming effect.

Denim Leggings

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The Best Ideas to Choose the Best Custom Underwear

There are many styles of underwear available and many ways to customize it. Two primary elements of custom underwear can help to choose the best.

The first is the quality of the underlying garment. The second is the quality of the printing or embroidery used to customize it. Both of these elements, in addition to the available options from a given manufacturer, are important in choosing the best custom underwear.

The quality of the underwear that will be customized should be one of the main considerations. Having a custom garment that does not last very long might not be worth the effort. In general, well constructed underwear can be made from cotton or a blend of cotton and synthetic fibers. Less common materials, such as silk or satin, also can be good choices for quality in custom underwear. Some manufacturers offer well known brands of underwear for customizing, and these brands may be a safer choice than an unknown brand.

The next consideration is the quality of the printing. Heat transfer patterns generated on ink printers tend not to stand up to repeated washing. Well done embroidery will usually last longer. One of the best methods is silk-screening a pattern onto cloth, because the dyes penetrate the fabric and do not wash out easily.

The abilities of the creators of the custom underwear also should be taken into account. Some manufacturers limit customization to simple letters or monograms. Others allow full-color illustrations or photographs to be printed. There are some that offer three-dimensional additions such as ribbons or rhinestones. One should be certain to look at the work the company has done previously and ensure that the desired custom garment can be created.

When trying to choose the best custom underwear, one may check to see if the company carries the brand or style he or she normally wears. Some companies offer only one or two types of underwear and might not even give a customer the option of choosing the type. It is important to know exactly what is being ordered from the start.

When choosing the design for custom underwear, one should be aware of who will be wearing the underwear and who might be seeing it. If giving the underwear as a gift, one should make sure that any designs intended to be fun or funny will indeed be humorous to the gift recipient. The custom designs or words also should reflect the personality of the person who will be wearing it. The best custom underwear is a fun piece of clothing that can be used and enjoyed and still last for some time.

Custom Underwear Models

Best Tips to Choose the Most Comfortable Underwire Bra

Many women choose an underwire bra because it feels more supportive and therefore more comfortable than one that comes without the added support.

While it may seem that all underwire bras are created equal, each one should instead be purchased with careful consideration to its fit, look, feel and durability. Taking the time to consider each aspect of the bra can result in a more beautiful and comfortable product.

If you haven't been measured for a bra in awhile, it's vital to do so before purchasing the next underwire bra. Although it's possible to do the measuring at home, being even slightly off in the numbers can result in a bunchy and uncomfortable bra. Many department stores offer the service and have a professional bra fitting consultant who is skilled in bra fittings to provide a more reliable measurement.

One of the most important aspects of choosing an underwire bra is to find one that has the right cut and style. There are many different styles and cuts, including plunge, full figure, demi, convertible, minimizing and molded. Doing research beforehand as well as discussing it with the bra fitting consultant can help to buy the right bra for day-to-day wear or for a special occasion.

A woman should feel good about the bra she's wearing and part of that is considering the fabric and design of the underwire bra. Bras are made of different types of fabric, including cotton and satin, so before picking one, finger the fabric to see if it is something that seems as though it would feel comfortable. The design should also be visually appealing, so choose one that has a full pattern or one that has embellishments on it, such as a small bow in the center.

Checking the seams is also incredibly important when choosing an underwire bra. They must be strong to prevent the underwire from popping out, so pay special attention to the quality of the seams near the underarm and near the cleavage area. If the underwire pops out, not only could it be embarrassing if seen, but it can also feel uncomfortable and even cause a cut.

Before purchasing the underwire bra, it is strongly advised to try it on if possible. This can give an idea of the comfort level and fit of the item, especially for bras that aren't returnable. Trying it on can help ensure that the bra is everything it's supposed to be, from the fit to the look.

Underwire Bra

Capri Leggings – the Popular for Fashion and Exercise

Capri leggings are a type of short, fitted, cropped legwear that are popular both for fashion and for exercise, most commonly with women. Some men may wear capri leggings while running, however. These leggings may be worn alone, or underneath a skirt or shorts, and they are appropriate for both cold and warm weather.

In general, capri leggings fall between the ankle and the knee, at approximately the lower calf.

They are usually made of a thicker material such as cotton, with a fabric that allows for stretch, such as spandex. They differ from tights because tights generally cover the foot, are typically thinner than leggings and may even be transparent, and are never worn alone. In addition, tights are only worn for fashion, whereas capris may be worn while exercising.
Capri leggings are often worn with sandals in the spring and summer months, or with boots in the cooler months. They are not typically worn with sneakers or other closed shoes. In the winter, they are often worn under skirts for an extra layer of warmth, and because they can look very fashionable. When wearing this type of leggings for exercise, however, they may be worn alone, in addition to a tank top or t-shirt. Then, it is common to wear sneakers with this type of legwear. Some people choose to wear shorts or an exercise skirt over the leggings for more modesty while exercising.
Capri leggings may be available in different colors, but the most common colors are black, brown, navy blue, and dark gray. This is because these neutral colors are able to be worn with more outfits. For brightly colored fashion legwear, tights may be a better option. These come in virtually any color or pattern imaginable, and may be mixed and matched with different outfits for a completely different look.

As a general rule, capri leggings are generally fitted tightly to the body.

Some designed for exercise, though, particularly those designed for yoga, may be fitted on top and flared at the bottom. Some feature ties or zippers at the bottom of the leggings, to make them looser and more comfortable around the calves when stretching or exercising. Capri leggings may be found in most clothing stores, or stores that sell fitness wear; many people purchase a number of different pairs of leggings for different purposes, as they are usually fairly inexpensive yet versatile pieces of clothing.

Capri Leggings