Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Latest Trends Emerald Green Dresses And Patterns

Dressing up in unique colors is one of the latest trends in the fashion industry! Find all about emerald green dresses and their patterns, mentioned in the coming up paragraph written just for you.

Cute Emerald Green Jovani Special Occasion Short Dress Style
When you go shopping for a friend's wedding, or when you are thinking of getting a lovely dress for a formal or a cocktail party, what are the colors that come to your mind? Would you like to see yourself in an emerald green dress, which is one of the most uncommon yet rich colors in today's fashion trends? The color of the green emerald is one of the most extraordinary colors found in almost all fabrics. It is unlike all the other shades of green and has a deep blend of dark and light green, which makes it so unique. Therefore, if you are looking for gorgeous colors for dresses, emerald green should be your pick!

Two Can Tango Tanya's Emerald Green Evening Dress
Cocktail dresses are definitely a part of the wardrobe essentials for women, as one can never tell, when they are useful. Cocktail dresses can be used as normal party wear, for cocktail parties, for weddings, or for any other formal occasion like festivals and celebrations. There are many designs, styles and lengths you will find in an emerald green dress or you can get one stitched as well.
Sexy emerald green evening dress models
Now that you've found some great choices for cocktail dresses in the emerald green color, well, you can read about the more formal alternative! This color looks nothing but beautiful on elegant satin evening gowns which can be strapless, one shoulder, or cap sleeves. Full length emerald green evening dresses can accentuate the class of a woman, making her look rich and glorious.
Emerald green knee length cocktail dress
With so many ideas for an emerald green dress, I am sure you are convinced to pick one of these the next time you need a killer dress! Well, go ahead and get those heads turning right round as you walk in, flaunting that gorgeous emerald green dress.
jayma mays emerald green dress models

The Reasons Why Monokinis May Be The Best Option For You And How To Choose One For Yourself

What are monokinis? A type of swimwear that is all the rage today, monokini swimsuits for women are a popular option for those women who are not comfortable donning a bikini.
Monokini Swimsuits Models
If you have a long torso and a well-defined upper body, then you are one of those lucky women on whom a monokini swimsuit looks like it was invented for them. Monokinis tend to not suit women who have an athletic body as the swimwear tends to hang loosely on them. Women who are slim built and have a natural hourglass shape can carry off a monokini with style. Monokini swimsuits can also work wonders for women who have short and slender legs.

The popularity of the monokini can be attributed to the fact that many celebs all around the world have been spotted wearing designer monokinis.

Sexy black one shoulder monokini swimsuit trend
Monokinis are available in a variety of styles and cuts, and if you have the figure for it, can be one of the most flattering swimsuits to don. Not only is it sexy in a not very overt manner, it allows you freedom from the constant fear of your bikini getting undone while you are in the water. When you talk about the different styles that these swimwear are available in, you have to talk about the simple and conventional patterns of monokini swimwear.
White Monokini Swimsuits Images
You can opt to buy a monokini that is designed like a halter top, which comes with adjustable waistlines. While plunging necklines may seem sexy and alluring, the fact remains that at a purely functional level, they may not be the best swimsuits to opt for. Try out sexy monokinis that play around with designs on the back. Opt for crisscross designs on the back or even a halter that is attached to the bottom of the monokini with a long column.
Women's Monokini Swimsuits Gallery
The fabric pattern or print that you want for your monokini depends completely on your aesthetic sense. The cost of the swimsuit completely depends on where you buy the same from. If you want, you could also opt for skirtini swimwear which is a good alternative to monokinis. As with swimwear in general, wearing monokinis requires a lot of confidence. If you believe you have the body to flaunt, then wearing a monokini maybe the perfect way to do so.
Zebra Metallic Monokini Swimsuit Ideas

Beautiful Green Monokini Swimsuits

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Look Hot And Sexy While On Beach Or Pool With Wearing Boy Shorts Swimwear

Boy shorts swimwear makes every feminine body type look fabulous, hiding problem areas and accentuating the good points of a body frame.

Sexy swimsuit two piece boy short models
Boy shorts are a kind of women's inner wear and look similar to the men's boxer shorts, hence the name boy shorts. They are also known as boy cut panties, boy short panties, boy leg briefs or shorties. Boy shorts as swimwear is a fantastic option. They may not be regular bikini wearers or a swimsuit does not make them look sexy. Hence, they turn to boy shorts swimwears which are quite in vogue these days and look absolutely stunning, while adding to your sex appeal.

Sweet Black Boy Short Swimwear Design
Boy shorts are prefect swimwear or beach wear, for they not only make you look slender, minimizing your body's flaws, but also make you look super attractive and leave you feeling carefree while enjoying your swim. Boy shorts flatten the upper thighs area and the lower belly area; hence, covering your least favorite body parts and lets you show off your cute navel. They also make your torso look longer and slimmer than before, flattering your body shape.
Women's Boy Short Swimwear Gallery
Boy shorts are very appealing among women of all ages. They come in various styles and colors. Some are conservative while others are sassy. While boy shorts swimsuits mostly cover your back area, there are some bold patterns that let you flaunt your butt as well. Boy shorts look classy when teamed up with tight-fitting cotton or Lycra camisoles or skin-tight spaghetti. Apparently, tankini tops along with boy shorts sell like hot cakes. Boy shorts coupled with halter tops also look awesome giving you a retro look, like that of Marilyn Monroe.
Coogi Triangle Top With Boy Shorts Swimwear Models
Once you try this type of swimsuit, you will look at no other. They are comfortable and allow you to relax at the beach or by the pool, hugging your curves to make you look sexy at the same time. Men find boy shorts appealing and classic. So grab a pair of these shorts, swing your hips and enjoy all the attention at the beach or in the pool. How many more reasons do you need to buy this type of swimwear? Go ahead, slip into these shorts which look very sexy indeed!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Modern Clothing Designs And Styles For Women

Not a fan of vintage clothing pattern and need some modern clothing styles? In this post we are going to discuss all about modern clothing designs and styles.

modern women's fashion clothing collections
Everyone wants to dress up in the latest fashion and style of clothing. In fact no one would like to be caught wearing something that is dated and totally out of style. To dress in the cutting edge of fashion, you have to know what the modern clothing styles are and how you can incorporate these styles in your wardrobe. Fashion is very fickle and ever-changing and what might be considered as modern clothing style today might not be in the next day.

Trendy modern women's fashion clothing models
If you are looking for modern clothing designs for women, to discuss it any further we have to divide women's clothing into two categories. One is day wear and the other is evening wear. Day wear will include attires that you can wear to work as well as casual wear that can be worn for a lunch out with friends. Work wear some years ago consisted of drab trouser suits or skirt suits for women. But modern clothing styles for women to wear for work have become more stylish and chic.
ladies new fashion modern sexy long sleeve backless
Dresses in neutral colors with hemlines that just hit your knee are appropriate modern fashion clothing styles for the office. To give your work wear a modern twist, don't be afraid to experiment with colors. Just because you are going to work, does not mean that you need to look dull and drab. Deep blues, dark purple, and maroon should be incorporated into your office wear in the form of either accessories or a shirt or trimmings. These bold colors give any outfit a bit of jazz and make you look great.
Modern Women's Fashion Sequin Styles
For modern clothing for evening wear, there is nothing to beat the Grecian draped dress. A Grecian draped dress with pleating and embellishment around the bust are one of the most modern and contemporary dress designs for women. If you want something really edgy and fashionable, then an origami dress or an architecture inspired dress are all a must have this season. Cowl-neck dresses with cape sleeves, dresses with sweetheart neckline, silk wrap dress in watercolor prints, one shouldered jersey dresses are all hot this season.

Useful Tips on How to Find The Perfect Body Slimmers for Women

Give your treadmill some breaths of respite, ladies! Have a go at the fantastic body slimmers for women who're sick of those 'spare tires' around their waists.
Slim Compression Body Shaper Slimmer with Booty Lift Models
Women's clothing is full of innovations and surprises! While women are running on treadmills for hours and hours every day just to devise new ways about how to look thinner in the quickest way, these body slimmers put forth a technique of slimming and trimming their waist, hips, and thighs, without any effort. First things first, a body slimmer or a body slimmer shaper as some call it, is nothing but a new innerwear or lingerie, more precisely, added to the kitty of women's under-garments which ensure effective shaping, trimming, and outlining all parts of the body.

Celebrity Style Body Shaper Slimmers
In order to find bodies slimmer that perfectly fit you, and are worth every penny you pay, firstly, you need to judge which areas of your body need the most help. Suppose, shaping areas around the waist is your only concern, you need a body slimmer that need not have a bra attached to it. Similarly, if you're targeting only your bust area, a body slimmer that is made only for that particular area is the best pick.
Vedette Gisele Firm Control Low Back Full Body Shaper Slimmers
The second step to find the best body slimmer for you is to browse through online reviews. As is known, the Internet is the best source of knowledge and information for users. With the help of reviews and ratings, you can choose the best brand for yourself in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Moreover, you could visit a reputed undergarment showroom in your city to get reviews on the best body slimmers.
Vedette Paule Dual Control Full Body Shaper Slimmer with Removable Straps
Lastly, and most importantly, do not buy a body slimmer without trying them on. Too often, females complain that their ordered body slimmer shows no effect on them, and instead, adds to their already bulging tires. Hence, it is highly recommended to choose a body slimmer that fits you the best, chiefly a size bigger than yours so that you easily fit in. The main reason behind it is the fact that many women complain that they take hours to just fit in. To avoid such hassles and getting red every time you wear your body slimmer, try it out before buying. It'll save your effort and money.