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The Different Types of Victorian Underwear Woman Puts On

Victorian women wore wide variety of underwear, starting with drawers, and type of underwear that hangs from the waist to the mid shins.
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The chemise, thin cloth worn like sheer dress and similar to the modern slip, was worn next to protect clothes from person’s skin and vice versa. In addition, another piece of Victorian underwear is the corset, which was worn over the chemise to cinch and compress the torso. Petticoats were also worn by Victorian women primarily to add volume under their skirts or dresses. Finally, camisoles are type of Victorian underwear traditionally worn over corsets.

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Traditionally, drawers are the first piece of Victorian underwear woman puts on. Otherwise known as pantaloons or bloomers, drawers attach at the waist and fall below the knee to varying length at the shins. Some pairs of drawers have an open seam between the legs. This piece of Victorian underwear is typically white.
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The chemise is Victorian undergarment worn over woman’s drawers. Its main purpose is to protect the wearer’s clothing from sweat. In addition, the chemise protects person’s skin from the sometimes rough and chaffing material of tightly cinched corset. Chemise looks similar to modern slip or thin silk dress, and they are typically plain and white. This undergarment reaches woman’s calves and folds over part of corset.
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Typically, the third layer of underwear that Victorian woman wore is the corset. This piece of Victorian underwear was valued aspect of Victorian fashion. Its purpose was to encapsulate person’s torso to compress it. The point of this was to make woman more attractive by presenting her with slender, hourglass shape. In modern times, there are many concerns about the damage classical corset can cause to woman’s body.

The petticoat is piece of Victorian underwear that was worn around woman’s legs but on top of her chemise. Petticoats provide volume and can disguise other volume-producing undergarments. Victorian women usually aimed to have domed skirt appearance, and petticoats were integral to this.

A camisole is Victorian undergarment that was worn over corset. The main purpose of this garment was to hide the corset. In addition, the camisole created layer between the corset and other clothing.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Best Suggestions to Choose the Best Thermal Leggings

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Wearing thermal leggings can be a great way to stay warm in cold weather. There are different types of thermal leggings designed for different activities, so it is best to purchase leggings designed for a specific use.
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There are thermal leggings designed for men, women, and children, and they are sized accordingly. In addition, leggings come in various lengths. The two most common types are full length, which reach all the way to the feet, and cropped or capri length, which generally reach to approximately mid-calf. Another type of leggings are ankle length, which are frequently worn with boots.

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The benefit of thermal leggings is that they are typically thicker than other types of leggings, and may be made with two or three layers of fabric, depending on their intended purpose. Cotton and wool are two common materials used in creating thermal clothing. Leggings designed for outdoor activities may include a third layer designed to wick moisture away from the body while keeping you warm.
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To choose the best thermal leggings, consider how you will wear them. In general, there are three types of thermal leggings: those designed to be worn as pajamas, during outdoor activities in the winter, or simply as everyday fashion clothing. Each of these types of leggings can be found in their respective departments in clothing stores.
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If you plan to participate in a specific winter sport, such as skiing, snowboarding, or skating, among others, it is best to visit a sporting goods store to find leggings designed for that particular sport. For hiking or simply walking outside, more basic thermal leggings may be worn. They are typically designed to be worn underneath another pair of pants. Thermal leggings are not usually worn for exercising indoors, as they would be far too hot.
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To wear leggings as part of an outfit, it becomes a matter of personal preference. Leggings are designed in many different patterns and colors, and are generally relatively inexpensive, making it easy to have a large collection that can be matched with many different articles of clothing. These types of leggings are designed to be worn on their own, generally underneath a skirt or dress, but not pants. Any pair of leggings should fit tightly to the legs; they should not appear loose or baggy.

Best Tips to Choose the Perfect Plus Size Suits

Buying plus size suits should be done carefully, as well-made; flattering one can form the basis of work wardrobe.
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Since the same color used in both top and bottom pieces of clothing can be slimming as well as ideal for formal business wear, investing in quality plus size suits is often advisable. It's better to skimp on the cost of other wardrobe pieces if necessary, or better still, buy quality over quantity, than to choose poorly made, cheap-looking suit. Look for color you love in well-fitted suit in season-spanning, natural material such as woolor silk.

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Plus size people don't all have the same proportions, so it's best to try on different suit styles to find your most flattering look. As general rule of thumb though, many plus size people aren't flattered by double breasted styles, as the double row of buttons tends to visually increase the width of the upper body. Look for lines in plus size suits that are vertical rather than horizontal. Vertical seams, long lapels and pin striping help create slimming lines on plus sized figures.
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Usually, cuffed pants on plus size suits aren't flattering; as they can make legs look shorter. Suit pant legs that taper too drastically should also be avoided in favor of fairly wide, neat bottom hem that makes the body look balanced in proportion. What is known as the fingertip length can be especially flattering for suit jacket length for many people, plus sized men and women included.
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The overall suit fit for plus sized figures should be one that just skims the body. If plus size suits is too tight, it's likely to highlight excess folds of fat as well as stretch unattractively at the seams and buttons. Too loose of fit can add to rather than subtract from heavy body type. Material that hangs attractively rather creates too stiff or too flimsy coverage is desirable feature to look for when shopping for plus sized suits. Natural fabrics tend to be much better choice for plus size suits over synthetics as they may reduce excess sweating by allowing more air flow to the skin.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Most Flattering Styles of Sundresses for Plus Size Women

Nothing spells summer as much as a perfect sundress. But large sized women do not need to despair as many styles of plus-size sundresses are available that will suit them.
Open Back Aubergine Plus Size Sundress
Many women, who are on the healthier side, wrongly believe that they do not have any good feature figure wise. But that is far from the truth. Every woman has some good points like a small waist, toned calf or toned shoulders. But most women have the habit of obsessing about body parts that they are not satisfied with like a fat belly, wide hips or flabby arms. With the correct sundress, you can camouflage these problem areas and enhance your good features. Here are some sundress designs that will help you in doing just that.
Suzi Chin Maggy Boutique Draped Floral Print Sundress for Plus Size Women
Summer dress pattern that is ideal for plus-size women is a shift dress. Shift dress comes in many different patterns and styles, but this summer printed shift dresses are in vogue. Floral prints as well as geometrical prints look great for daytime wear.
Avenue Plus Size Sundress Smocked Bandeau Maxi Dress
Maxi dress has the enviable position of being the dress which flatters plus-size ladies as well as those who have a slim figure like Kate Moss. These floor grazing styles do not have a distinct waistline and the secret to rocking the maxi dress lies in its cut. A maxi dress should ideally be strapless and should not be too voluminous at the bottom. This style hides thick waist and big tummy and an empire line maxi dress is always found to be most flattering for larger women. Go for bold jewel colors and sophisticated prints for these plus-size sundresses.
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The most trendy plus-size dress is the wrap dress, which is a perfect outfit for going to a picnic or a casual brunch. A classic wrap dress in cotton, jersey or silk is great for hiding wide hips and for showing some leg. It also enhances the bustline and makes your waist look narrower than it is. A-line sundress is ideal for plus-size women as it is fitted at the bust area and gently flares out at the bottom. Generally larger women have slim legs, so choose A-line sundresses that fall just at your knees. The A-line structure of the dress, allows you to cover problem areas like wide hips and it also enhances your bustline.

One of the most flattering summer dresses for large women is the empire cut sundress. It has a high waistline that starts just below the bust and then flares gently into a long full skirt. This style is just ideal for all those women who need to hide a flabby belly or a thick waistline. It is one of the most versatile styles and you can vary the length of the dress from knee-length to ankle-length.

Whichever plus-size sundress style you choose from, be it a sleek wrap dress or the more floaty and feminine maxi dress, one thing that you should keep in mind is that it should be comfortable. Choose from these plus-size fashion styles and get ready to be chic and stylish even in the sweltering heat.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Styling Tips On White Skinny Jeans to Set The Stage On Fire

A loose tank top, messy hair, a pair of boots, and that white skinny jeans... you're all set to leave a mark wherever you go.
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No matter what your silhouette is, a pair of white jeans is bound to make you look curvy and fashionable, being the latest buzz those skinny jeans for girls is! However, for full figure ladies, it is always recommended to analyze your body size before going for a white skinny jeans, chiefly because you do not want to look obscene, do you? Women have this prowess of adjusting their denims proportionately according to their waist sizes and hips. Fashion mongers all over the world have countless options for skinny jeans for curvy women which are of great help to females who're slightly outside the parameters. So, the first tip is to make sure you know how to wear skinny jeans, and keep in mind the size that fits you the best.

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Now, what to wear along with them? For females who're slim and trim, a tube top which solidly contrasts with your jeans is an awesome idea. My personal choice would be a yellow-colored string tube top which looks extremely refreshing. You could also wear a baby doll or a V-neck top of different colors, and wear metal accessories with it. The best thing about white skinny jeans is that it offers unlimited opportunities to wear anything and everything with it. On top of that, if you're perfectly figured, no job is difficult for you. However, if you're towards the plumper sides, long tops with trendy belts are a perfect match. You can wear loose, multi-colored, vertically-striped tops which create an illusion of a slimmer figure.
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Coming to the most important accessory, a good handbag and a pair of heels are a big yes! Remember, a good handbag alone tells about your style quotient. On the other hand, heels go extremely well with this kind of jeans, mostly because it elongates your silhouette and adds that grace as you walk, which is otherwise difficult with a skinny jeans, especially if you are towards the plumper domain. There are some awesome varieties of shoes to wear with skinny jeans put forth by fashion mongers all over the world just for you. So, grab a new pair of white jeans if you still don't have one, and start experimenting!
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Just make sure that you're comfortable wearing it and that it doesn't look too tight or too loose. A good pair of jeans has sex appeal, an expression, simplicity, and trendiness at the same time...all that one looks for while buying clothes!
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