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Useful Info for Understanding the Difference Between Underwear and Lingerie

The words underwear and lingerie are sometimes used interchangeably, but there are a few differences between the two.

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Technically, all lingerie is underwear, but not all underwear is lingerie. Underwear is worn for practicality and comfort by both genders, while lingerie is typically worn by women because it is attractive. Regular underwear is usually less expensive than lingerie, and it has been around much longer.

Underwear is considered any type of garment that is worn next to the skin, beneath a person's clothes. These undergarments have several functions. They help keep a person's outer garments clean by absorbing sweat and oils from the skin. They can also help keep a person warm in the cold climates, and they often offer some type of support.

Men may choose from among few types of underwear. Boxers and briefs are typically the most common options, along with boxer briefs, a hybrid of the two. These typically offer some support for the male genitals. Women can choose both underwear and lingerie in the form of bikinis, briefs, thongs, and brassieres, which offer support for the breasts.

The French word lingerie actually means underwear, but in English-speaking countries, the term has come to be associated with more attractive or sensual underwear. One big difference between underwear and lingerie is the reason it is worn. Although lingerie is usually worn beneath the clothes as well, it is not usually chosen for practicality or comfort. Instead, lingerie is chosen because it is fashionable or enticing. Women often wear lingerie that they believe will be attractive to their lovers.

Another difference between these two garments is the price. Generally, regular underwear is more economical. It is typically made from inexpensive cotton, and can be purchased in packs containing a number of undergarments.

Lingerie, on the other hand, is typically a bit more expensive. It is often made from more expensive material, such as silk or lace. Another difference between underwear and lingerie is the intricacy of their designs. 

Regular underwear is typically quite simple, while lingerie is usually a little more detailed.
The origins of underwear and lingerie are also quite different. Underwear is believed to have been around since ancient times. Historians believe that ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans all wore undergarments. In fact, a loin cloth is also considered to be a primitive type of underwear.

In the 19th century, undergarments were typically not spoken of in polite society, and it was bulky as well as unattractive. Lady Duff-Gordan, a prominent fashion designer, decided to change this. She began to design women's undergarments that were smaller, less restrictive, and more attractive. These alluring types of underwear eventually became known as lingerie.
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Excellent Ideas to Choose the Best Plus Size Slip

When shopping for a plus size slip, it's a good idea to be conscious of the garment size, construction, and color.

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The price of plus size lingerie can vary considerably between manufacturers and retailers, so you will also want to think about your budget before you go shopping. It may be to your advantage to select a slip that not only provides coverage under sheer clothing, but also acts as a compression garment, giving you a smoother, leaner silhouette. It is important that you try on a plus size slip before you buy it, not only to make sure that it fits you properly, but also because you want it to look good under the skirt or dress you wish to pair it with.

Most women are aware of two types of slips: the full slip and the half slip. A full slip hangs from your shoulders and covers your entire body, while a half slip hangs from your waist and provides coverage for your lower half. Look at the garment or garments that you will be wearing with the slip to determine whether you need full or half coverage. Another thing to consider is that a full slip may not fit you correctly if the top half of your body is significantly smaller or larger than your lower half. In such cases, you may wish to purchase a half slip and then a matching camisole, each sized to properly fit your body. When checking the size of a slip, you should also pay attention to its length, as you don't want it to hang out from under the hem of your skirt or dress.

The color of your plus size slip is also of significant concern. If you are wearing a white garment, you may wish to choose a white slip. The disadvantages of white undergarments are that they can become dingy and may be very obvious when worn under non-white garments. Some individuals find that beige slips are more versatile and work well with a greater range of clothing. A black slip is also a necessity if it is to be worn under black clothing.

In some cases, a plus size slip can double as shapewear. These slips tend to be made from synthetic fabrics that fit closely to the body and can constrain bulges and give the wearer a more becoming shape. These garments can often be more expensive than standard slips, but may end up reducing your overall costs, as you won't have to wear an additional garment, such as a girdle, along with a slip. 
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Understanding the Meaning of Plus Size Petites

The term "plus size petites" refers to clothing for women who are both full-figured and short in stature. The hemlines of arms, legs, and waists of such garments are shorter than average clothing and the clothes are also cut to fit larger sizes. These special sizes can be difficult to find, particularly in brick-and-mortar stores.

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Plus size petites are a relatively new size category of the fashion market, having come into common usage only since about the year 2000. Prior to that, plus sized clothing was made to a standard length in nearly every case. The expectation was that shorter women could simply hem pant legs and shirt sleeves, usually the most problematic hemlines for them. Pants were sometimes offered in plus size tall because designers perceived that many plus sized women were tall and that, while a too-long leg could be hemmed, there wasn't much to be done with a hemline that was too short.

Designers discovered the need for plus size petites when they realized that being short affected plus-sized women as much as "average" women. In fact, it could be much more impactful because of the way plus size garments are often designed. They realized that, to ensure the best fit, the proportion of the garments should be altered altogether, rather than simply shortening the hems.

For example, plus-sized tops and dresses frequently feature empire waists, which camouflage midsections and stomachs and draw the line to what is often the slimmest part of a plus size woman's body. If a very petite woman attempts to wear an average length garment with an empire waist, however, two things happen: first, the waistline either falls too low, defeating the purpose or, if worn in the proper location, causes the bust of the garment to bunch or poof out because of the excess material, ruining the line; second, the bottom hem of the garment falls far lower than it should. This can make a top look like it was intended to be a dress, while not being long enough to actually wear as a dress.

Another problem was apparent with pants, as the waistline and the beginning of the inseam of average length pants were too far apart for petite women. This caused the fabric in between to bunch up and was both unflattering and uncomfortable. Demand from petite women who were also full-figured grew, and plus size petites were developed to meet the need.

Now, plus size petites are more common, particularly in shops that specialize in plus size clothing. It is not uncommon, however, for stores to stock only a few petite samples and make a broader range of items available by special order. Catalogs specializing in plus size clothing also frequently offer petite options. 
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Looking the Best Plus Size Lingerie for Attractive Women

The word “lingerie” comes from the French, meaning 'linen'. It is used to describe underwear and other delicate garments such as slips, camisoles and peignoir sets.

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For many people, the term lingerie is associated with sexy items such as slinky nightgowns, stockings, garter belts, corsets and other sensuous apparel. The same is true of plus size lingerie. The only difference is the sizes.

Full figured women enjoy sensuous garments and need special undergarments as much as other women do, and designers and manufacturers are beginning to meet their needs better with more plus size lingerie options from which to choose. For many years there was no such thing as plus size lingerie and the most curvaceous women had few if any choices when it came to undergarments and evening apparel that fit properly. Today, plus size lingerie is available in all the choicest styles, colors and fabrics.

Plus size lingerie, like most plus size clothing, usually runs from size 14 to size 40. There are differences in sizes depending on the brand and the style, but this is the general guideline, despite the fact that size 14 is considered by many women to be about average. There are also manufacturers that list sizes in small, medium, large, extra large, 1-X and up, rather than in typically numbered sizes.

For plus size lingerie these sizes usually run between 1-X and 6-X, although some go larger. In womens sizes, as opposed to misses or juniors, garments tend to be cut a bit larger. A 16W, which indicates womens, is therefore larger than a 16 in misses.

Generally, sizes listed as small, medium, large and up can be determined by adding two numbered sizes per increment. For example, size small is usually 4-6, medium is 8-10, large is 12-14 and X-large is 16-18. The same is true of 1-X and up. Size 1-X is generally regarded as being approximately a size 20-22 in woman's clothing. Each consecutive X adds two sizes, so 2-X would represent size 24-26.

It is very important to select the appropriate size when purchasing plus size lingerie, because lingerie is more often than not a product that cannot be returned. Remember that even in plus sizes, lingerie tends to run smaller than regular clothing. If you are unsure of your size, measure your hips, thighs, and bust and consult with a plus size lingerie retailer.

Most online shops will answer your questions so you can make a purchase with confidence. Also, visit a plus size women's store and check out their selection of lingerie. You should be able to try on selected items as long as you do so over your clothing. 
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Best Points You Should to Consider When Buying Mother of the Groom Dress

Although the mother of the groom traditionally takes a back seat in the details of planning her son’s wedding, one of the most important things that you need to do is to find an appropriate dress.

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It used to be commonplace for the mothers of the bride and groom to wear black, but those days are over. There may be the occasional exception to wearing black in an extremely formal wedding or at the request of the bride, but it is better to save black for wakes and funerals. Don’t worry, because there are plenty of non-black options available for a mother of the groom dress. If you keep in mind some commonly practiced wedding etiquette coupled with a few other pointers, finding a suitable dress for your son’s big day can be an enjoyable experience.

If you haven’t received any requests or instructions from your son’s fiance, traditional wedding etiquette requires you to wait until the mother of the bride selects her dress before choosing yours. You should follow her lead when deciding the length of dress to purchase because, if the mother of the bride is wearing a long gown, it is not appropriate for you to wear a tea length dress and vice versa.

When purchasing a mother of the groom dress, you should also take your cues regarding dress style from the mother of the bride. It would not be appropriate for you to wear a sundress while she is wearing a more formal gown. Similarly, if the bride's mother is wearing a more casual dress or cocktail dress, you should not wear a gown.

Once you find out what style of dress you need to buy, it is important to remember that you are a mother. It is not necessary to look matronly or frumpy, but it is expected that you dress your age. Mothers of the groom should not wear low cut, cleavage revealing dresses or dresses that are more than a little bit above the knee. If the dress was made for a teenager or 20-something, it is most often not appropriate for the wedding.
In contrast to length and style, the color of your dress should not match the color of the mother of the bride’s dress, nor should it match the bridesmaid’s dresses. The color should complement the other dresses in the wedding, however, and it may also be picked out based on the bride’s request. It is important to remember that the bride’s requests trump any traditional guidelines for choosing a mother of the groom dress.

The most crucial thing to consider when buying a dress for your son's wedding is how it fits. Dresses that don’t fit right are not only uncomfortable, but they usually don't look very good either. Take time to find a dress that flatters your figure or can be tailored to fit you just right. If you struggle finding this type of dress, have one custom made. Spending some money on tailoring will allow you to look your best and be able to celebrate your son’s marriage with poise and comfort.

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